Slightly Off Center: 11 Extraordinary Exhilarating Tales - SIGNED 1st ed Paperback USED

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The work of novelist and short story writer Neal Barrett, Jr. spans the field from science fiction, westerns, and historical novels to "off-the-wall" mainstream fiction. His work is weird and wonderful, and defies any category or convention. He simply does what he does, and no one seems able to stop him.

Barrett's ability to stir fantasy and reality into a delightful souffle redefines the term "magic realism." His 1991 novel, The Hereafter Gang, shows a master at work, a writer who has total control of his craft. His first venture into the field of mystery/suspense (Pink Vodka Blues, 1992) earned him critical acclaim, and a movie deal with producer David Brown.

There are eleven stories in this collection:

A Day at the Fair
Tony Red Dog
Four Times One
Greyspun’s Gift
The Last Cardinal Bird in Tennessee
Interstate Dreams
Uteropolis II
“Sorry, But—”

Get ready for a ride through Neal Barrett, Jr's own peculiar wonderland …