Werewolf Bitches From Outer Space

Type: New Blu-Ray

Three werewolf women from Uranus travel to Earth to rid New York City of the terrible people - sexists, stooges and bullies. Once inside the city, they must face off against clueless art critics (Janeane Garofalo and Dave Hill), religious fanatics, and capitalist corporate suits - with a little help from their new local friends, including bumbling officers Fremulum and Hymen, a teenage girl Candy (Rachel Trachtenburg), and one crazy drunkard. Together they will stand against the evils of New York City! Featuring several scenes shot in the legendary NYC Troll Doll museum, and written and co-directed by Reverend Jen of "Terror Firmer" from TROMA Entertainment and author of the Simon and Schuster published "Elf Girl". Co-starring comedienne Janeane Garofalo and Lloyd Kaufman.