A Matter of Life and Death (Limited Edition Steelbook, Region B)

Type: New Blu-Ray

Classic fantasy from Powell and Pressburger in which an RAF pilot must argue for his life in a celestial trial after a mix-up sees him survive a fall from his plane. When Peter Carter (David Niven)'s plane is struck on his way back to England from a bombing mission and his parachute destroyed, he prepares himself for death. Incredibly, however, he awakes safely on the ground the next day. It turns out that the emissary sent from Heaven to carry him to Heaven, Conductor 71 (Marius Goring), was unable to locate him in the fog, but has now arrived to take him to the next world. Carter refuses to go, having fallen in love with the radio operator, June (Kim Hunter), who talked to him while the plane was going down. A trial is convened in Heaven to see if Carter should be allowed to live on. Will the pilot be able to convince the court that his love for June is strong enough that he should be given another chance?

Written, produced and directed by Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger.

Notes on the Transfer: A Matter of Life and Death was restored in 4K by Sony Pictures Entertainment.

Inspection, repair and 4K scanning of the 35mm Nitrate 3-Strip Technicolor Picture Negative by Cineric, Inc., New York.

Soundtrack restored from the 35mm Nitrate Variable Density Optical Soundtrack Negative at Deluxe Audio, Hollywood.

Digital image restoration by L’Immagine Ritrovato, Bologna, Italy and MTI Film, Hollywood.

Digital conforming, color grading, additional image restoration, DCP and UHD at Deluxe Culver City with colorist Sheri Eisenberg.