Classroom Teasers + How to Seduce a Woman (Drive-In Double Feature #16)

Type: New Blu-Ray

CLASSROOM TEASERS (aka "The Student Body") (1976): Carrie (Jillian Kesner), Mitzie (June Fairchild), and Chicago (Janice Heiden) are offered early parole if they become test subjects for Dr. Blalock (Warren Stevens). He gives the women a drug to induce hostile behavior and after a while the women have a hard time conducting themselves in a civil manner.

HOW TO SEDUCE A WOMAN (1974): This sex farce stars Angus Duncan as "Luther Lucas" as a lothario and con-man on a mission to seduce five very different women. To make this happen Luther will spare no expense; he'll pretend to be gay, pretend to be a friend of Greta Garbo's--anything to achieve his mission!



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  • In 1973 it was reported that Playboy would feature the actresses who star in 'How to Seduce a Woman'. That 1973 issue of Playboy featured a pictorial of Alexandra Hay titled, 'Alexandra The Great'.
  • New HD transfers made from the only known existing 35mm prints.
  • 'Classroom Teasers' stars Warren Stevens (Forbidden Planet), Jillian Kesner (Mork and Mindy) and June Fairchild (Thunderbolt and Lightfoot)
  • 'How To Seduce a Woman' stars Angus Duncan (And Justice For All), Alexandra Hay (Guess Who's Coming to Dinner) and Vito Scotti (The Godfather)