Circle of Danger (Region B) w/SLIP

Type: New Blu-Ray



A brand-new restoration of 1951 classic CIRCLE OF DANGER, directed by Jacques Tourneur. Starring Ray Milland and Patricia Roc. U.S. citizen Clay Douglas (Ray Milland) comes to London to investigate the mysterious death of his brother, who served as a Commando with the British
Forces. Suspecting that it was not a German bullet that killed him, Clay obtains the name and address of one of the members of the raiding party on which he was killed and proceeds to piece together certain information. He eventually learns that there was a thirteenth member of the party - an intelligence officer. However, after all his investigations, Clay finds himself in a situation so unexpected that all his plans for retribution are shattered.


Introduction by Jean-Baptiste Thoiret
Circle of Control: interview with Christina Lane
Culture Clash: interview with Imogen Sara Smith
Stills gallery