Chamber of Horrors

Type: New Blu-Ray

Prepare yourself for a chilling tale of terror and unspeakable vengeance inside the Chamber Of Horrors. The condemned maniac Jason Cravatte (Patrick O'Neal) escapes capture from the authorities at a bloody cost – by chopping off his manacled hand! Free to kill once more, he outfits his gruesome stump with tools designed to chop, rip, and skewer a new batch of victims as he embarks on a bloody spree of death!

Employing not one, but two infamous gimmicks – "The Fear Flasher" and "The Horror Horn" – to warn audiences in advance of its most shocking moments, Chamber Of Horrors is a Grand Guignol cult favorite that's every bit as twisted as its villain's tortured soul!

Bonus Features

NEW 2021 2K Scan Of The Interpositive

NEW Audio Commentary By Film Historian/Author Dr. Steve Haberman

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