Cats Don't Dance

Type: New Blu-Ray


Talent, ambition and drive count for everything in Hollywood unless you're a cool cat with dreams of dancing. Because everyone knows that pigs don't fly, cows don't sing and definitely, Cats Don't Dance. Scott Bakula and Jasmine Guy lend their impressive talents to star in this musical, animated, rags-to-riches feature as the voices of Danny, a way-cool hep cat with toes that yearn to tap, and Sawyer, the sexy, cynical chanteuse for whom Danny swoons. But twirl, tap and leap as he might in dances choreographed by legendary human dancer Gene Kelly Danny can't even get an audition. People always get the good parts; animals only bark, moo or meow. With songs by Randy Newman and vocals sung by the great Natalie Cole, Danny and the animals struggle through harrowing and hilarious escapades each doing what they do best, regardless of species. And in the end, Danny and Sawyer, realizing they are a match made in cat heaven, follow their dreams and shuffle off past everyone who says that Cats Don't Dance