Cat Magick

Type: Books

Explore the magical qualities of our feline friends through history, folklore, and myths with Cat Magick.

Follow along with practicing witch Rieka Moonsong as she instructs you on how to attract and identify a familiar. With two feline familiars of her own, Rieka delves into:

  • The magical role of cats as familiars and how to connect and strengthen your relationship with them.
  • Different breeds, colorings, and behavioral characteristics of cats and how these affect your partnership.
  • How to safely work with a familiar in your practices using discarded parts of your feline friend like shed whiskers, claws, and fur.

Cat Magick dives into the history of cats, myths, and folklore, specifically some of the myths surrounding black cats. With special features that are distinct to each type of cat, this helpful guide provides a new set of rituals and spells! Discover magick work for shorthair, purebred cats, and big cats like tigers, lions, panthers! Some of the spells and rituals include: 

  • Calling feline guides and familiars to you
  • Strengthening the bond with your familiar
  • Creating fur talismans

Find and connect with your feline familiar through spells and rituals guided by a seasoned practitioner.