Botanical Art: An Image Archive

Type: Books

Botanical Art: An Image Archive for Artists & Designers by Vault Editions is a captivating visual resource for creative minds seeking inspiration from the world of botany. Delve into a vast collection of curated botanical subjects, ranging from delicate roses and vibrant chrysanthemums to beautiful orchids, elegant irises, and radiant sunflowers. This excellent book goes beyond traditional flora, embracing the allure of lush tropical plants that will transport you to paradisiacal realms. Immerse yourself in the beauty of monstera leaves, the exotic charm of bird of paradise blooms, the captivating vibrancy of hibiscus flowers, and the lavish fronds of sword ferns and snake plants. With an extensive array of fungi, succulents, and majestic trees, this archive captures the essence of nature's diversity.

Features: Each book contains a download link providing you access to 477 high-resolution images that you can use in art and design projects.

This book is a must-have for fine artists, designers, tattoo artists, printmakers, collage artists, and anyone seeking botanical inspiration.