Blue Steel (Vestron) w/SLIP *see note

Type: New Blu-Ray

 NOTE - these slips aren't mint, the silverboard quality is peeling away a bit on the corners, can only assume that is a manufacturing error and all copies will look like this.


Making its Blu-ray™ debut, this classic ’90s thriller directed by Kathryn Bigelow (Zero Dark Thirty) stars Jamie Lee Curtis as newly minted NYPD officer Megan Turner, who responds to a grocery store robbery – and kills the perpetrator – her first day on the job. But Megan’s uncorroborated story of the shooting gets her suspended from active duty when the stickup gun mysteriously vanishes. Enter a charming-but-disturbed commodities trader (Ron Silver), whose obsession with Megan threatens to destroy everything she holds dear, pushing her into a desperate fight to salvage her reputation…and save her own life.