Battle Kaiju Series 1: Ultraman vs. Red King w/SLIP

Type: New Blu-Ray

Battle Kaiju Series 1: Ultraman Vs. Red King (NR, 398 min.)

The “Skull Monster” Red King has been a fan favorite since he was introduced back in 1966. Incredibly strong but none-too-bright, the monster is a classic bully who loves nothing more than pummeling other kaiju and fighting Ultra Heroes.

The BATTLE KAIJU SERIES #01 - ULTRAMAN VS RED KING set collects 16 Red King episodes from across the Ultraman franchise, starting with their first appearance in the original Ultraman series and continuing through to 2019’s Ultraman R/B. Alongside the original Red King, this collection presents multiple versions of the monster, including an animated Red King, a Red King controlled by the mind of a teenage girl, and the powered-up, Popeye-armed EX Red King.

2-disc Blu-ray release features:

  • The Birth of Ultraman, a live stage show that introduced Ultraman, the Science Patrol, Red King, and other monsters to Japanese audiences.
  • Slipcase with Marvel Comics artwork
  • A 12-page collectible booklet and episode guide