Awful Awesome Action Volume 1: A Journey Through the Wild World of So-Bad-They're-Good Action Films

Type: Books

Jacob Gustafson

Paperback, 234 pages

Welcome to the wild world of Awful Awesome cinema. In over 100 reviews, this book explores Action genre films released from the 1980's to today that are so bad, they're good. These are films that are hilariously terrible and make for a great night of movie watching with friends. Over the top action, explosions, car chases, and towns where everyone knows martial arts await you as you explore the often ignored world of low budget, direct to video, trash films made with lots of heart but not a lot of money. Films include Samurai Cop, Miami Connection, Revenge of the Ninja, and Parole Violators and films from studios like Cannon, PM Entertainment and the films of Andy Sidaris. So pull up your zubaz, comb your mullet, grab your long-butt-bikini clad girl, strap on your uzi, and stroke your mustache because this is going to be a wild ride!