August Underground's Penance (Limited Edition) w/SLIP

Type: New Blu-Ray


The third film in the series. This time a couple go on a killing spree in their local area.

Has someone ever handed you a movie, not telling you one thing about it, only telling you to watch it. What if that tape was the personal home video of two sociopaths on a killing spree? This is their home movie, for their eyes-only. This is August Underground's PENANCE. The third and final film in the AU franchise Directed By Fred Vogel and Starring Cristie "Crusty" Whiles. PENANCE shows the dark decline of the two nameless killers from the previous films as they continue to videotape their madness on their path to destruction.

Bonus Materials

  • NEW Audio Commentary with Jerami Cruise, Shelby Vogel, Fred Vogel, and Ultra Violent Magazine's Art Ettinger
  • NEW Interview with Fred Vogel and Zoë Rose Smith
  • NEW Voyage to Perdition: An Interview with Fred Vogel
  • NEW Interview with Fred Vogel and Dave Parker
  • NEW Interview with Jerami Cruise
  • Audio Commentary by Toetag
  • Audio Commentary by director Fred Vogel
  • Disemboweled: Behind the Bile Documentary
  • Audio Commentary on Disemboweled: Behind the Bile Documentary
  • Extended & Deleted Scenes
  • 'Poppa Pill - The Murderer Is Back' Music Video
  • 'Rue - The Locust' Music Video
  • Still Gallery
  • Trailers