Apocalypse Love

Type: New Blu-Ray

An action-packed necromantic hand puppet love triangle set in the middle of a zombie apocalypse... during an alien invasion!

When Tom lost his girlfriend BB to a tragic accident on prom night, the police suspected him, his family shunned him, his friends blamed him--or they would have, if he'd had any. Now he writes death metal love songs by BB's grave - until his restless solitude is shattered when space aliens invade Earth and turn the dead into an army of zombie killers. Battling to save BB from becoming a puppet to alien masters and his own desire to resurrect his lost love, Tom has to dodge bullets, legions of zombies, aliens, death-rays, and global apocalypse. This highly original festival-award-winning film is the first of its kind to feature the animation of hand puppets in the same style that child-sized toy puppeteers have done in toy commercials over the past two decades.

Bonus Materials

  • Ricy Rebel 'Time Will Tell” Music Video
  • Trailer Reel