Angel On My Shoulder

Type: New Blu-Ray

Paul Muni gives another classic performance in this wonderful fantasy about a notorious gangster who is murdered by a double-crossing partner. While in Hell, he makes a deal with the Devil, played with relish by Claude Rains, to return to earth. Muni plans to take the place of a candidate for governor, who happens to be a dead ringer for his spectral self, which enables him to revenge his premature demise while helping Satan recruit new souls with his new powerful governor status. Things backfire however, when the innate goodness of the real governor gradually starts to affect his replacement, turning Muni into a force for good in such a way even his Satanic Majesty doesn't expect.

Bonus Materials

Liner Notes Collectible Booklet written by Michael B. Druxman, Screenwriter, Playwright, Novelist and Hollywood Historian.

Movie Matinee Playback Option: movie opens with special period appropriate Cartoon and Newsreels!

Bonus Cartoon: Noveltoon: “Cheese Burglar” (1946)

Bonus Newsreel: “The Adventure Parade: Wing, Claw and Fang!” (1946)