A Taste Of Blood

Type: New Blu-Ray

Based on Aleksey Tolstoy's 1839 short story "The Family Of The Vourdalak", A TASTE OF BLOOD tells the story of a man - who after going off to kill a vampire - returns home at the magic hour, between night and day. His family has doubts about whether he's still human or whether he's been bitten by the undead. His teenage daughter is determined to defend him, but their doubts and fears grow as the darkness of the night approaches. Will his family find out in time, or will their sentiment make them easy prey for the novice nightwalker?


Bonus CD Soundtrack includes:




Rosetta Stone - Valiant Try

Christian Death - Haloes

Big Electric Cat - Orchid Dreaming

Children On Stun - Cats or Devil's Eyes

Corpus Delicti - Noxious (Demos Game)

Leather Strip - Evil Speaks

Electric Hellfire Club - Baptized in Blood

Razed In Black - The Endless

Witch Of The Vale - Trust The Pain

Jyrki 69 - Blood Lust

Blood Handsome - Give

Crying Vessel - Breaking The Spell

Synaesthesia - Ambience

Vile A Sin - Taste The Blood

The Sweet Kill - Closer