Thriller: The Complete Series (DVD, Region B, 16 Disc Set)

Type: New DVD

Something wicked this way comes…

Legendary scriptwriter Brian Clemens is probably most well- known for his work on THE AVENGERS and THE PROFESSIONALS, but arguably his best work is THRILLER - a series he made for Lew Grade in the mid-70s. THRILLER is an anthology series of single plays – some horrific, some terrifying – but always with a singular twist in the tale. Highly-popular and very critically acclaimed in its time, THRILLER attracted a high calibre of stars – Robert Powell, Jeremy Brett, John le Mesurier, Patrick Troughton, Helen Mirren, Diana Dors, Charles Gray, Denholm Elliott and Brian Blessed to name a few. With tales ranging between foreign agents and time-bending serial killers (and all points inbetween!), THRILLER set a new benchmark for quality horror in the 70s.

This set contains the complete of run of 43 episodes (six series):

• Lady Killer • Possession • Someone At The Top Of The Stairs • An Echo Of Theresa • The Colour Of Blood • Murder In Mind • A Place To Die • File It Under Fear • The Eyes Have It • Spell Of Evil • Only A Scream Away • Once The Killing Starts • Kiss Me And Die • One Deadly Owner • Ring Once For Death • K Is For Killing • Sign It Death • A Coffin For The Bride • I'm The Girl He Wants To Kill • Death To Sister Mary • In The Steps Of A Deadman • Come Out, Come Out Wherever You Are • The Next Scream You Hear • Screamer • Nurse Will Make It Better • Night Is The Time For Killing • Killer With Two Faces • A Killer In Every Corner • Where The Action Is • If It's A Man - Hang Up! • The Double Kill • Won't Write Home Mom - I'm Dead • The Crazy Kill • Good Salary - Prospects - Free Coffin • The Next Voice You See • Murder Motel • Sleepwalker • The Next Victim • Nightmare For A Nightingale • Dial A Deadly Number • Kill Two Birds • A Midsummer Nightmare • Death In Deep Water

This set also contains the following special features:

• Extended version of If It's a Man - Hang Up!
• US Credits
• Stills Gallery
• Original Set Designs
• Restoration featurette
• Script PDFs

This release will appeal to Brian Clemens fans, horror aficionados (especially of the Hammer and Amicus variety) and archive television fans.