The Woman in Black (Original 1989 Version) Region B

Type: New Blu-Ray

When a friendless old widow dies in the market town of Crythin Gifford, a young solicitor is sent in to settle her estate. Following cryptic warnings from the locals regarding the terrifying history of the old woman's house, he very soon begins to see visions of a menacing woman in black...

Atmospherically directed by BAFTA-nominated Herbert Wise and starring Adrian Rawlins as the unfortunate young solicitor alongside Pauline Moran as the terrifying revenant, this unsettling drama remains a high-water mark for ghost story adaptations on British television and still retains its significant potential to shock.

Unseen for decades, Nigel Kneale's chilling adaptation of Susan Hill's best-selling novel has been painstakingly restored by Network's award-winning in-house Restoration Team in High Definition from original film elements for this long-awaited release.

[] Feature version in full widescreen
[] Audio commentary with Mark Gatiss, Kim Newman and Andy Nyman
[] Image gallery
[] Exclusive booklet by Andrew Pixley