Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance XBOX ORIGINAL NEW


Hideo Kojima's critically acclaimed Metal Gear Solid 2 can now be enjoyed on Xbox, with the bonus of two new modes of play as well as other enhancements. The main game follows the story of Solid Snake as he infiltrates an oil tanker to find the whereabouts of a powerful weapons technology. A hallmark of the series is the use of stealth to avoid patrolling guards and to safely make it through areas without detection. Moves include diving somersaults, hanging from ledges, and using disguises as players immerse themselves in fully interactive areas where wet shoes leave behind footprints, puffs of smoke uncover laser beams, and bullets shatter glass. Harry Gregson-Williams, whose previous credits include Armageddon, The Rock, and Enemy of the State, composed the cinematic score that accompanies the action.

One of the two new modes found in the Xbox version is Missions, which offers two distinct styles of play: VR and Alternative. The former follows a similar format to 1999's Metal Gear Solid: VR Missions on the original PlayStation. Players must complete over 350 missions in four different modes: Sneaking, where the object is to either reach an exit without being caught or to eliminate all enemies without detection; Weapon, which tests a player's skill with specific armaments; First-Person View, where the entire mission is played from the character's perspective; and Variety, which offers an assortment of objectives. Alternative Missions, which number over 150, also feature four different modes, including Bomb Disposal, Eliminate, Hold Up, and Photograph.

Bomb Disposal has players deactivating a series of bombs before time expires, Eliminate involves taking out all enemies within the allotted time, Hold Up consists of holding up all enemies without arousing suspicion, and Photograph has players snapping specific pictures within the time limit. The second of the two new modes in Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance, Snake Tales, follows Solid Snake as he embarks on five standalone missions taking place within the environments found in Metal Gear Solid 2. Each of the missions is made more difficult by removing the radar display of patrolling guards, requiring players to navigate their surroundings by sight and sound alone. Other features in Substance include a Casting Theater, Boss Survival Mode, and a "European Extreme" difficulty setting previously available only in overseas versions.