Ghost Stories of Southern Appalachia

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Do ghosts exist?
Mankind has pondered that question from time immemorial. Belief in the supernatural is as common in our society as going to the grocery store. Ask your neighbor if they believe in ghosts and you'll likely be regaled with the ghost stories they've heard over the years...or maybe ones they experienced themselves. Most everyone has sat around a campfire and laughed nervously at recounted tales of specters. Monsters abound in popular culture. They invade our books, movies and television shows. Ghost-hunting television shows are more popular than ever and many historical places now offer your own chance to get in on the hunt. We just can't seem to shake our fascination with all that goes bump in the night and our inexplicable search for that which sends shivers down our spine.

Ghost Stories of Southern Appalachia recounts ghostly tales throughout the Southern Appalachian Mountain regions of Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia and Kentucky. In the dense mountain forests where Native American battles once raged, small mountain towns where time slows down, and populous urban areas steeped in Civil War history, tales of the supernatural abound. So sit back and turn on a light as you read about these Appalachian tales of haunted prisons, cursed caves, wandering spirits of long dead soldiers, terrifying taverns and the haunted hills of Southern Appalachia.