Frightfest Guide to Mad Doctor Movies (PB)

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Mad medics... sinister surgeons... psychopathic psychiatrists. We put our trust in them. They say they want to help, to cure, to relieve pain and soothe suffering. They claim those experiments they’ve been performing are for the greater good of mankind. But what if they actually want the opposite? What happens when doctors are dead set on researching the strange, the bizarre, the weird? What happens when all that scientific and medical knowledge only results in the creation of
unimaginable horror?

Ever since the dawn of cinema, filmmakers have been depicting on screen the potential outcomes of medical madness and science gone sick. Now join surgeon, author, film critic and not-at-all-mad Doctor (at least according to him) John Llewellyn Probert as he takes a detailed look at the history of one of the most enduring archetypes in cinema, with an introductory overview of the genre followed by reviews of over 200 key mad doctor movies. In addition to critical appraisal, the author’s own medical background allows him to provide a unique insight into just how well the filmmakers have done their homework.

Thrill to monsters and mutations, creatures and creations, horror hospitals, isolated mansions and underground laboratories. Enter a world of research gone rogue, of frightening philosophies and dread disease.

Featuring a foreword by the notorious director Tom Six, who shocked filmgoers across the globe with his 100% medically accurate Human Centipede, and its sequels.

Welcome to the FrightFest Guide to Mad Doctor Movies. Be reassured that you will be guided by a man who knows all about this stuff in real life, and that you’ll be quite safe. Trust him. He’s a doctor.