X-Men Origins : Wolverine USED W/SLIP

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Get the popcorn ready, fetch the sodas, and keep the remote close -- you are about to discover the origin of X-MEN's mutants. Rated PG-13, this 107-minute 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine' 2009 edition is recorded on one Blu-ray disc and includes a digital copy. Based on the most popular 'X-MEN' character, Wolverine, this movie's splendid storyline, gritty action scenes, and tantalizing suspense entertains on a grand scale. Expectedly, the film stars Hugh Jackman as James Logan/Wolverine, whose mutant powers include knuckle-protruding killer claws and death-defying regenerative capabilities. The plot depicts the life of Wolverine -- tracing his past from when he discovers his mutant powers as a young boy, his infamous rebirth, and his subsequent memory loss that ultimately leads to his aggressive persona. The intriguing, eerie story is complemented by a talented cast that includes Danny Huston as Stryker and Liev Schreiber as Victor/Sabretooth to create a must-watch masterpiece.