Understanding Cemetery Symbols: A Field Guide for Historic Graveyards

Type: Books

Tui Snider

Paperback, 232 pages

Guide to Historic Cemeteries

Understanding Cemetery Symbols by Tui Snider is a reference book for genealogists, history buffs, ghost hunters and others seeking to learn the forgotten meanings of cemetery symbols in historic graveyards.

Find out:

Why garden cemeteries were America's first public parks

The difference between a cemetery and a graveyard

How the skull and crossbones evolved into cherubs

Why symbols matter

Learn about:

The different types of American cemeteries

The history of grave robbing

The symbolic meaning of coins, stones, and seashells at grave sites

Common Latin phrases on headstones


Saints, angels, and other cemetery statuary

Symbols for secret societies and clubs

Different types of crosses

Common cemetery architecture styles

The symbolic meaning of plants, flowers, and trees

Different types of headstone styles, monuments, and mausoleums