Ultraman Orb Origin Saga & Ultra Flight Orb

Type: New Blu-Ray

ULTRAMAN ORB: THE ORIGIN SAGA: THE ORIGIN SAGA is a prequel to the ULTRAMAN ORB series, detailing the early days of hero Gai Kurenai (Hideo Ishiguro) and his arch-enemy, Juggrus Juggler (Takaya Aoyagi), when they were friends and allies fighting together in their first mission against an alien threat

ULTRA FIGHT ORB: BORROW THE POWER OF FATHER AND SON – a sequel miniseries to ULTRAMAN ORB that introduces Lightning Attacker and Emerium Slugger, plus the debut of Ultraman Geed.

  • Starring: Hideo Ishiguro, Takaya Aoyagi, Saki Fukuda
  • Language: Japanese w/ English subtitles
  • Run Time: 5 hrs 18 mins