Trailer Trauma

Type: New Blu-Ray

Blu-ray pressing. Unlike other collections which often recycled the same old previews for the same old genre titles, Trailer Trauma features rare theatrical trailers that have not been previously released on DVD. See over two hours of previously unavailable trailers for some of the most ridiculous films in history: thrill to the action of Black Fist, Iron Master, and Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Quiver in horror as you face the Dawn Of The Mummy, The Revenge Of The Living Zombies, and the Incredible Torture Show! Scratch your head at the utter absurdity of Death Bed, Mutant War, and No Retreat, No Surrender! For fans and connoisseurs of psychotronic cinema, Trailer Trauma is an essential addition to any collection. Transferred and digitally mastered in 4K from various 35mm release prints.