Things to Come (Region B)

Type: New Blu-Ray

A future history as scripted by the visionary writer H.G. Wells, Things To Come set a high benchmark for science fiction with its fantastic design, gigantic sets and spectacular special effects. Acknowledged as a landmark within the genre, Oscar-winning William Cameron Menzies creates an astounding vision of post-war desolation and utopian futurism. Starring Oscar-nominated Raymond Massey as John Cabal and his descendants and the award-winning Ralph Richardson as The Boss, Things To Come showcases a gorgeous, and instantly recognisable, score by Arthur Bliss. Presented for the first time in High Definition, this version of Things To Come has been painstakingly restored from the remaining film elements and represents the most complete version known to exist.


It’s Christmas 1940 and the people of Everytown, unprepared and ill-equipped, find themselves at war against an enemy who has been planning such a conflict for years. The land is devastated by the horrors of aerial bombardment as the war drags on for thirty years, causing a period of despair, with feudal tyrants ruling a downtrodden populace suffering famine and pestilence. Can the human race rise above its desperate circumstances and build a scientific utopia?



[] Extensive booklet (expanded from the DVD) by Nick Cooper


[] Audio commentary with Things to Come expert Nick Cooper

[] Comprehensive HD image gallery, including many rare stills

[] HD merchandise image gallery

[] US re-release trailer

[] Script PDF


[] Virtual Extended Edition – a viewing option allowing for the inclusion of text and images from long-missing and unfilmed scenes to present a tantalising ‘what if?’

[] On Reflection: Brian Aldiss on H.G. Wells – a 25-minute documentary from 1971

[] Ralph Richardson interview by Russell Harty in 1975

[] The Wandering Sickness – an original 78rpm recording