The Singing Ringing Tree (DVD, Region B)

Type: New DVD

The Singing Ringing Tree is a surreal fairytale featuring the world's first communist princess, a bizarre fish and the most sinister dwarf in the history of dwarfkind. A legendary European classic, The Singing Ringing Tree haunted a generation when first shown on British television in an episodic format in 1964.


To win the love of a beautiful but arrogant princess, the prince sets off on a quest to find The Singing Ringing Tree. He finds it in a magical garden which is ruled by an evil dwarf. The malevolent midget allows the prince to take the tree on one condition - the prince must win the princess' love before sunset. If he fails, the prince will be transformed into a bear... and this comes to pass.

This special edition dvd features the original German version with English subtitles together with the English narrated version. Both versions have been prepared using newly remastered transfers.


• New digital transfers

• English narrated version

• Original German version with English subtitles

• Interview with a Princess

• Music only track

• Stills galleries