There's Nothing Out There

Type: New Blu-Ray

Mike is always getting in the way of fun. His obsession with horror movies and their rules dictates that no matter where he goes, he can't help but expect to find a monster lurking around every corner. But this time, his paranoia might be justified.


After being invited to a remote lodge, along with some friends, Mike immediately begins to sense that something isn't right, but none of his friends believe him. Unfortunately, they're dead wrong, and a slimy alien frog monster has indeed landed in the nearby woods and set out to fulfill it's mission of killing all human males and mating with females. Can Mike convince his friends that there IS something out there, before the men have their brains sucked out and the women are carrying green mutant fetuses?


Made by then 19 year old cinematic wunderkind Rolfe Kanefsky, THERE'S NOTHING OUT THERE is a gag and gore filled horror comedy which lovingly riffs on some of the genre's most used tropes. Produced and edited by acclaimed editor Victor Kanefsky (GANJA & HESS, BLOODSUCKING FREAKS), Vinegar Syndrome presents the Blu-ray debut of THERE'S NOTHING OUT THERE, newly restored from its 35mm interpositive and featuring more extra features than any other title in our catalog, including Kanefsky's first feature, MURDER IN WINTER.


Directed by: Rolfe Kanefsky

Starring: Craig Peck, Wendy Bednarz, Mark Collver, Bonnie Bowers

1990 / 91 min / 1.85:1


Region Free Blu-ray/DVD combo

Newly scanned & restored in 2k from it's 35mm interpositive

"There's A Movie Out There" - new interview with writer/director Rolfe Kanefsky and editor Victor Kanefsky

"40 Years Of Cutting" - new interview with Victor Kanefsky

New interview with actor Craig Peck

Brand new group commentary with director Rolfe Kanefsky, Joe Lynch (filmmaker), Jeff Reddick (filmmaker) and others

Archival '20th anniversary' commentary with Rolfe Kanefsky

Archival group commentary with Rolfe Kanefsky, Victor Kanefsky, Craig Peck, Mark Collver and others

Commentary with The Hysteria Continues!

Archival interview with Rolfe Kanefsky

"Copycat" - a short film about the film's influence

"Murder in Winter" - an early feature film by Rolfe Kanefsky (Blu-ray only)

"Just Listen" - an early short film by Rolfe Kanefsky

"Mood Boobs" - a short film by Rolfe Kanefsky

Behind the scenes of "Mood Boobs"

Theatrical trailer

Music video

Production stills gallery

Behind the scenes rehearsal footage

Pre-production footage and video storyboards

Original cast auditions

Animation test footage and deleted shots

Reversible cover artwork

English SDH subtitles