The Psyborgs VHS

Type: VHS

Magnetic Magic Rentals and Beta Force Carbon are proud to present the official US videocassette release of Canada's new psy-kickass episodic series: The PsyBorgs!


"Step aside, RCMP! Canada's new favourite crime stoppers are here! They're the PsyBorgs, a team of superheros with some serious psychic powers who protect the city of Championopolis from the nefarious General Blight and his evil T.O.X.I.N. thugs. After losing his ex-wife to Blight's murderous schemes, John Carbon, the leader of the 'Borgs, is on the hunt for clues of his nemesis' whereabouts. But Blight has set his sights on conquering time itself, so it's up to Carbon and his friends to stop the terrorist in his tracks. The PsyBorgs must learn to work as a team, for T.O.X.I.N.'s agents are sure to confront them at every turn before Carbon, Ricky Blaze, Deutsch, Rolling Thunder and Frank Bladecop can defeat General Blight once and for all!"


Featuring all-new music from Die Scum Inc. and loaded with uproarious hilarity, The PsyBorgs captivates kids and adults alike with its larger-than-life characters and radical action that's sure to have you glued to your television set!


Each release comes housed in a cardstock Slip Sleeve with a 'Borg Black tape, with (4) Wasteland White and (1) Psychic Pink randomly inserted Variant Tapes. Each release is numbered and also includes a full-color 11x17 mini-poster, stickers and a digital download code for the OST from Die Scum Inc!