The Pete Walker Collection w/SLIP (House of Whipcord, Die Screaming Marianne, The Comeback, Schizo)

Type: New Blu-Ray

DIE SCREAMING MARIANNE (1971): Marianne (Susan George, Straw Dogs), following the sudden death of her mother, stands to inherit the family fortune, along with several documents that could incriminate her corrupt judge of a father. Now, her sister and her father both want their hands on Marianne's inheritance and they'll stop at nothing, even murder, to get it! SPECIAL FEATURES: TBD HOUSE OF WHIPCORD (1974): A beautiful model is taken prisoner and held in a bizarre private prison where "immoral women" are subjected to brutality and degradation. Stars Penny Irving, Patrick Barr and Barbara Markham. SPECIAL FEATURES: TBD SCHIZO (1976): A little girl watches helplessly as she is the sole witness to her mother's murder. Years later, that little girl has grown into the beautiful skating star Samantha Gray (Lynne Frederick). But after her wedding announcement is published in the local newspaper, a man who becomes more and more obsessed with her begins turning up everywhere she goes. Samantha's fear mounts as one by one her friends are murdered, and she becomes convinced that the stalker is no stranger! This suspenseful horror thriller was one of the early slasher films, rich with gore, an intriguing story, scenes reminiscent of Psycho and a twist ending considered so frightening that squeamish theater patrons were promised free smelling salts if they fainted! SPECIAL FEATURES: TBD THE COMEBACK (1978): Seeking a little peace and quiet to write some new songs, a washed-up American singer ("The Love Boat" theme crooner Jack Jones) moves into a secluded English house. But his mind isn't on a new romance when he's contacted by his ex-wife's ghost, whose clues about her murder lead Jones to a confrontation with the killer. Offbeat chiller also stars Pamela Stephenson (Superman III, "Saturday Night Live"), David Doyle ("Charlie's Angels"), Holly Palance (The Omen). (aka "The Day the Screaming Stopped" and "Encore)." SPECIAL FEATURES: TBD.