The Woman Trilogy - Offspring / The Woman / Darlin' (4K UHD DigiBook Region Free/B)

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German import, not all features may be English friendly!

Horrific murders occur in Dead River. The victims are found dismembered and their bodies are missing body parts. Worse still: if the murdered have small children, there is no trace of them. When the law enforcement officers in charge of the cases no longer knew what to do, they turned to retired Sherrif George Peters, who had already been confronted with similar incidents ten years ago. At that time, a cannibal clan sought its victims among the population - and all evidence suggests that the tribe was not wiped out at the time, but actually multiplied. More cannibals means one thing above all: a much greater need for fresh human flesh...

Original title: Offspring

Alternative title: Jack Ketchum's greed for prey

Chris Cleek, a seemingly perfect father with a picture-perfect family, meets a neglected woman on a hunting trip and can be wild capture reluctant creatures. He puts her in heavy chains in an underground shed and introduces her to his family after dinner. Together, according to Chris Plan, the Cleeks should from now on educate the woman to be a useful member of society. With this decision he drags his wife and children into a bitter whirlpool of madness, which ends in a bloodbath...

Original title: The Woman

The completely neglected Darlin' is found unconscious in front of the doors of a hospital. When the young girl regains consciousness in the clinic, it quickly becomes clear that she is anything but normal. She bites, lashes out and doesn't even seem to be able to speak properly. While the doctors and nurses are still puzzling over her origins, the local bishop already has a plan. He wants to make Darlin' a respectable member of society and takes her into his home for girls. What he doesn't know: The bloodthirsty woman who raised Darlin' is already looking for her...

* 24-page booklet
* Audio commentary by director/producer Andrew van den Houten
* Audio commentary by author Jack Ketchum, Andrew van den Houten and cinematographer/producer William M. Miller
* Interview with Pollyanna McIntosh and Andrew van den Houten
* Fly on the Wall Behind -the-scenes documentary
* Progeny: The Birth of Offspring Making-of
* First Stolens Bailout Featurette
* Extended Interview with Author Jack Ketchum
* Restoration Image Comparison
* 8 Webisode Featurettes
* Audio Commentary by Director Lucky McKee, Editor Zach Passero, Sound Designer Andrew Smetek and composer Sean Spillane
* Audio commentary by leading actress Pollyanna McIntosh
* Audio commentary by film critic Scott Weinberg
* Audio commentary by Lucky McKee
* Dad on the Wall 75-minute behind-the-scenes documentary by Mike McKee
* Malam Domesticam Making-of
* Meet the Maker Featurettes
* Deleted scenes
* Short film Mi Burro by Zach Passero (produced by Lucky McKee Deleted dream sequence Darlin's Dream by Zach Passero and Robert D. Krzykowski
* Music clip
* Trailer