The Witches' Devil: Myth and Lore for Modern Cunning

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Distinct from the devil of Satanism and the devil of Christianity, the witches' Devil remains a potent figure in the lore of folk and traditional witches today. Approaching this enigmatic figure as an inherently syncretic being of many compounded aspects over time, The Witches' Devil explores his complex symbols, roles, and appearances across the ages. Here, the lore of the Devil is unpacked, revealing a host of powerful spiritual entities that can be accessed today by drawing on the threads of myth and folklore. Along this journey, we find the Devil's age-old connections to tree and plant spirits, the mass of the candles, bestial bodies, the demonic spirits of the grimoires, and the serpent that rebirths the world. We see his roles expand and fracture into such titles as Primus Magus, Angel of Poison, First Heretic, Father of Cunning, Bound Spirit of the Abyss, Founder of the Hosts of Faery, and Rex Aenigmatus (King of Riddles). We are challenged to re-examine our understanding of psalmistry and "popish" folk magic in witchcraft within a framework of heretical craft grounded in his lore. Most importantly, we are invited to light our own candles of illumination at his altar, to become wise, and to enrich our own magics by learning from this potent and often misunderstood Old One.