The Valancourt Book of World Horror Stories: Volume Two

Type: Books


Edited by James D. Jenkins and Ryan Cagle


Critics called the first Valancourt Book of World Horror Stories "groundbreaking" (Publishers Weekly), "stellar from top to bottom" (Library Journal), "pioneering" (Washington Post), "a veritable feast for horror lovers" (British Fantasy Society).  Now for this exciting follow-up volume the editors have expanded their search to even more countries, finding more of the world's best horror fiction and making it available to American readers for the first time.


Featuring a wide variety of tales from Brazil to Malta to Nigeria to Japan, and all points in between, this new anthology is a must-have for any horror fan or anyone interested in contemporary world literature.


Included in this volume are some of the world's best horror writers, many of them unknown in the English-speaking world:


Luciano Lamberti, 'The Nature of Love' (Argentina)

Roberto Causo, 'Train of Consequences' (Brazil)

Braulio Tavares, 'Screamer' (Brazil)

Yavor Tsanev, 'The Recording of the Will' (Bulgaria)

Zhang Yueran, 'Whitebone Spirit' (China)

Teddy Vork, 'The Wonders of the Invisible World' (Denmark)

Indrek Hargla, 'The Grain Dryer of Tammõküla' (Estonia)

Mélanie Fazi, 'Dreams of Ash' (France)

Konstantinos Kellis, 'Firstborn' (Greece)

Gary Victor, 'Lucky Night' (Haiti)

Steinar Bragi, 'The Bell' (Iceland)

Jayaprakash Satyamurthy, 'Shelter from the Storm' (India)

Stephan Friedman, 'The Pallid Eidolon" (Israel)

Yasumi Tsuhara, 'The Old Wound and the Sun' (Japan)

Anton Grasso, 'The Ant' (Malta)

Dare Segun Falowo, 'Owolabi Olowolagba' (Nigeria)

Wojciech Gunia, 'The War' (Poland)

Ana María Fuster Lavín, 'Footsteps of Hunger' (Puerto Rico)

Val Votrin, 'The Regensburg Festival' (Russia)

Bora Chung, 'Mask' (South Korea)

Viola Cadruvi, 'The Runner' (Switzerland)