The Ultimate 3-D Collection (Haunted Castle / Alien Adventure / Encounter in the Third Dimension) (Large Format) (Includes H3D Viewing System) DVD USED

Type: Used Movies
Without question, 3-D technology has come a long way since the days of red and green cardboard glasses, and The Ultimate 3-D Collection is ample proof. Included in the set are three roughly 30-minute animated features (Alien AdventureEncounter in the Third Dimension, and Haunted Castle) and the H3D "i-glasses" hardware you need to enjoy them: a small processing box to insert between your DVD player and your TV, two sets of viewing goggles, and all the cabling you need to put it together. By and large, the sense of real depth conveyed by each feature is astoundingly convincing, especially during the many point-of-view fantasy sequences; crags and dinosaur limbs seem to jut halfway between the screen and your viewing position. Be warned, though, that the discs' image and color resolutions vary from poor (Alien Adventure) to mediocre (Encounter in the Third Dimension) to quite good (Haunted Castle).