The Track aka Treibjagd (Limited Edition Mediabook, Region B)

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The young Englishwoman Helen Wells travels to Normandy to rent a secluded forest house that will serve as her future retreat. Meanwhile, a group of men - all members of society - prepares a drive hunt for wild boar. The autumnal idyll quickly turns into hell for Helen: the rude brothers Albert and Paul rape her. Although she manages to wound Paul after the crime and flee, the hunting party quickly realizes that her reputation is at stake and absolute silence can only be guaranteed if Helen never leaves the forest again. Now she is the hunted...

Serge Leroy's TRIBJAGD (LA TRAQUE) - carried by Euro cinema icon Mimsy Farmer - is by no means one of many rape and revenge films, but undoubtedly more than that: a perfectly staged psychological thriller and a disturbing look at fateful group dynamics and the abysses of the Bourgeoisie. With its uncomfortable backwoods setting and the incessant turning of the tension screw, it awakens memories of the equally bitter WER GEWALT SÄT and AT DYING IS EVERYONE THE FIRST.


bonus material 

 (* with optional German and English subtitles)

  • Interview with actor Jean-Luc Bideau*
  • French trailer
  • photo gallery
  • Essay by Prof. Dr. Marcus Stiglegger