The Sexual Story of O (REGION FREE) DVD USED

Type: Used Movies
Outrageous! Orgasmic! Obscene!

No erotic filmmaker can blue the line between pleasure and pain quite like the notorious Jess Franco! Gorgeous young Alica Principe stars as Odile, a succulent American tourist whose innocent afternoon of voyeurism soon leads her to the bed of a mysterious couple. But what begins as a torrid mnage--trois soon leads Odile through an odyssey of Sapphic bliss and S&M torment that explodes in one of the most bizarre climaxes in EuroCult history. Daniel Katz (Night of Non-Stop Sex), Carmen Carrin (The Inconfessable Orgies of Emmanuelle) and the very hot Mamie Kaplan (Lillian The Perverted Virgin) co-star in this depraved shocker, now fully restored from original Spanish vault elements and featuring an all-new interview with writer/director Jess Franco himself!