The Outsider aka Le Marginal DVD USED

Type: Used Movies

From Jacques Defray, the legendary director of The Swimming Pool, Borsalino, The Outside Man and Flic Story. Screen legend Jean-Paul Belmond (Le Professional, Le Doulas) stars as Commissaries Philippe Jordan, a rogue French detective in Marseille infiltrating a network of drug traffickers and their crime boss, Saver Meccacci (Henry Silva, Shark's Machine, Code of Silence). Two of the film’s best features are the terrific color photography by Xavier Schwarzenegger (Veronica Voss, Lili Marleen) and the musical score by composer extraordinaire Enno Morricone (For a Few Dollars More, The Sicilian Clan). The stellar cast includes Cheeky Kayo (La Femme Nikita), Roger Dumas (That Man from Rio), Michel Robin (Amelie) and Jean-Claude Dreyfus (Delicatessen). Special Features: -Audio Commentary by Film Historian Sam Dhegihan -Theatrical Trailer