The Nun and the Devil (Region B)

Type: New Blu-Ray

Directed by Domenico Paolella (The Prey/The Story of a Cloistered Nun), The Nun and the Devil AKA Le Monache di Sant’Arcangelo is a headily erotic tale of seduction and persecution detailing the sinful practices which spill out of a 16th century convent. When the psychotically ambitious Sister Julia (Anna Heywood) vies to take the place of a dying Mother Superior by any means possible, other inmates start to lose their way, indulging in heterosexual flings and lesbian coupling. But things take a nasty turn when the nuns are subjected to a violent inquisition and their existence becomes one of torture and degradation.

Made just two years after Ken Russell’s notorious The Devils (1971), this 1973 film sought to offer a corruption of the innocent style plot which monopolised on the short-lived wave of nunsploitation features, incorporating graphic horrors, soft-pornography and historical drama. Loosely based on authentic records, this sordid tale of religion and power will delight lovers of extreme Italian exploitation cinema.


New 2K Master from the Original 35mm Camera Negative

High Definition (1080p) Presentation in 1.85:1 Aspect Ratio

2.0 Dual Mono DTS-HD Master Audio English Soundtrack

2.0 Dual Mono DTS-HD Master Audio Italian Soundtrack with newly translated English Subtitles

Audio Commentary By Kim Newman and Barry Forshaw

Judging Luc - An Interview with Actor Luc Merenda

The Devil and Martine - An Interview with Actress Martine Brochard

Paolella Connection - A Featurette About Director and Writer Domenico Paolella

Horny Devils: Nunsploitation Explained - An Interview with Film Historian Marcus Stiglegger

Alternate English and Italian Title Sequences

English Trailer

Italian Trailer

Reversible sleeve