The Naked Woman and Satan aka The Head (Limited Edition Mediabook, Region B) Cover B

Type: New Blu-Ray

A German horror film from the 1950s, an absolute rarity: Horst Frank in the role of an unscrupulous scientist in a horror film by Victor Trivas, whose unsparing cynicism puts even the FRANKENSTEIN films of the Hammer production in the shade, which were made at the same time.

Horst Frank separates the head of a brilliant professor (Michel Simon) from the body, so that from now on he has to watch, kept alive by an apparatus in nutrient liquid on the laboratory table, how his colleague plays god and devil in one person and a hunchbacked nurse plays the body of one easy-going striptease dancer.

Producer Wolf C. Hartwig made millions making thirteen SCHULMÄDCHENREPORT films. THE NAKED AND THE SATAN is like a link between the report films of the 1970s and the great tradition of expressionist horror films of the 1920s, in the tradition of the classic Robert Wiene films ORLACS HÄNDE and DAS CABINET DES DR. CALIGARI. The impressive scenes of CALIGARI and THE NAKED AND THE SATAN also come from the same film architect: Hermann Warm.

Original title: The Naked Woman and Satan

- Incl. 28-page booklet written by Dr. Rolf Giesen
- Audio commentary with Dr. Rolf Giesen
- Audio commentary with Tim Lucas (optional subtitles)
- Audio commentary with Dr. Gerd Naumann, Christopher Klaese and Matthias Künnecke
- German cinema trailer
- Optional film version in performance format 1.66:1
- US title sequence
- Promotional Advice
- press booklet
- Movie programs
- Image gallery