The Roberto Rossellini Ingrid Bergman Collection (Region B) w/SLIPCASE

Type: New Blu-Ray

ROSSELLINI & BERGMAN COLLECTION (Limited edition numbered Blu-ray Boxset)
Films by Roberto Rossellini

In 1950, one of Italy's most celebrated filmmakers, Roberto Rossellini, and one of Hollywood's greatest screen stars, Ingrid Bergman, came together to make the classic Stromboli Land of God. On that production, they embarked not only on an extraordinary artistic collaboration but also on an affair which would send shockwaves throughout the film world. By 1954, their real-life relationship was crumbling, and films such as Journey to Italy appeared to echo reality.

This numbered, limited edition brings together three of Rossellini and Bergman's greatest collaborations Stromboli Land of God, Journey to Italy and Fear in newly restored presentations, with extensive extra features including Rossellini's rare 1952 feature film The Machine That Kills Bad People, Francesco Patierno's 2012 documentary The War of the Volcanoes, and Isabella Rossellini's homage to her father, My Dad is 100 Years Old (2005, dir. Guy Maddin).

Stromboli Land of God Italy, USA | 1950 | 1.33:1 | black and white | Italian language with English subtitles | 100 mins
Journey to Italy Italy, France | 1954 | 1.33:1 | black and white | English language | 86 mins
Fear Germany, Italy | 1954 | 1.33:1 | black and white | English language | 83 mins

Special features

  • Newly restored presentations
  • Bergman & Magnani: The War of the Volcanoes (Francesco Patierno, 2012, 54 mins): documentary charting the scandal of the Magnani-Rossellini-Bergman love triangle
  • Ingrid Bergman at the National Film Theatre (Chris Mohr, 1981, 37 mins): archival Guardian interview
  • Living & Departed (Tag Gallagher, 2013, 19 mins): a visual essay by film scholar Tag Gallagher
  • Viaggio in Italia (Roberto Rossellini, 1954, 83 mins): the alternative, Italian cut of Journey to Italy
  • Journey to Italy audio commentary with filmmaker and academic Laura Mulvey (2003)
  • Alternative Journey to Italy audio commentary with film scholar Adrian Martin (2007)
  • My Dad is 100 Years Old (Guy Maddin, 2005, 18 mins): Isabella Rossellini's playful tribute to her father
  • The Machine That Kills Bad People (Roberto Rossellini, 1952, 85 mins): a fascinating film that reflects Rossellini's transition from neo-realism to the more poetic films he made with Bergman
  • Fully illustrated booklet featuring new writing by Tag Gallagher, Adriano Aprà, Laura Mulvey, Peter Bondanella and Paul Fairclough, and full film credits