The Hitchhiker (3 Uncut Episodes) VHS

Type: VHS

Fictional stories are told in this television series by The Hitchhiker. Each story is usually a mysterious thriller.

Her Finest Hour:

A couple of small-time con artists convince an old woman that wartime conditions have returned ain an effort to bilk her out of a hidden treasure.  They are in for a rude surprise when they discover her secret.

In Living Color: 

An unscrupulous photographer stands callously by clicking his camera as an old woman leaps to her death.  However, his sexy new assistant, with mysterious ties to the dead woman, forces him to reckon with the suicide he did nothing to prevent.

My Enemy:

A faded actress longs to escape from the public eye, but when she tries to assume the life of a look-alike aspiring actress, she finds the consequences of her actions beyond her control.