The Convent (Limited Edition Mediabook, Region B) Cover C

Type: New Blu-Ray

According to legend, 40 years ago Father Ryan tried to lead the rebellious Christine onto the path of virtue by unceremoniously getting her pregnant. To avert a scandal from the monastery, resorted to the proven mortal sin of abortion to destroy any evidence of the clergyman's unchristian conduct. However, neither the priest nor the nuns involved in the sinful activities expected Christine's revenge. Armed with a petrol can and a pump gun, she a short time later cleansed the guilty of their sins. And in the earthly, traditional way: with lead. The rest was done by the purgatory, which she ignited afterwards. 40 years later some college kids want to make fun of it to spend a few merry hours in this very place. But a group of satanists have also chosen the dilapidated ruins to raise the spirits of those who died here, who haunt the walls of the monastery and are thirsty for revenge. The party can begin!

- Multi-page booklet
- Full screen version 1.33 (Open Matte) (Blu-Ray only)
- Mike Mendez on "The Convent" (ca. 47 min, German subtitles)
- Audio commentary by the creators
- Backstage
- Deleted Scenes
- Trailers
- DVD version