The Chaser USED DVD

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In the tradition of hard-charging thrillers like the French Connection and Se7en, modern Korean gem the Chaser tells the gritty tale of police detective turned pimp Jung-Ho (played to down on his luck perfection in a star-making turn by HA Jung-woo). When one of his girls goes missing, Jung-Ho thinks she's been kidnapped and sold off. The truth is far worse: A sadistic killer has entrapped the poor woman and plans to torture and then kill her as the latest of his victims. Worse yet, even when the killer is detained by police, a series of mistakes and sheer incompetence let's the vicious criminal laugh at justice. In a race against time, Jung-Ho must discover the lair of this sick pervert and the hero that's been hiding inside his own beaten-down soul. So fresh and original it's already pegged for an English language remake, catch this award-winning box office smash in it's original glory.