The Burning (Collector's Edition) W/SLIP USED *SEE NOTE*

Type: Used Movies


The Burning enjoys a loyal following among '80s horror film aficionados, who will undoubtedly be pleased by the wealth of extras featured on Scream Factory's Blu-ray/DVD presentation. The picture's raison d'être is unquestionably its grisly, no-holds-barred special effects, which are among the most gruesome featured in an American slasher film, and their conception and execution (no pun intended) by makeup effects legend Tom Savini are the highlight of the supplemental features. The always-jovial Savini is front and center on "Blood 'n' Fire Memories," a 17-plus-minute interview ported over from MGM's 2007 DVD release which features a wealth of his own behind-the-scenes footage as well as his recollections of working on the upstate New York set with its cast of up-and-coming talent. The grainy camcorder footage also receives its own standalone eight-minute showcase, highlighting some of the picture's nastiest kills. Also ported over from the MGM DVD is director Tony Maylam's commentary track, in which Maylam discusses the film's production with writer Alan Jones in frank but affectionate terms; a second, brand-new commentary track featuring costars Shelley Bruce and Bonnie Deroski with moderator Edwin Samuelson is freewheeling and fun as they recall working with their castmates (Jason Alexander, we learn, rewrote a portion of his own self-deprecating dialogue). Actor Lou David, who played the film's villain, Cropsey, is equally informative in his brief interview segment, which highlights the physical and performing challenges of his limited, makeup-heavy role, while director Jack Sholder (A Nightmare on Elm Street 2The Hidden) relays how his work for New Line's trailer department led to his role as editor on the film. The original theatrical coming attraction, galleries of stills, poster art and makeup effects, and a PDF of the screenplay round out this typically abundant presentation from Scream Factory.