The Boneyard (Region B)

Type: New Blu-Ray

One of the greatest zombie movies you probably never saw is finally back to chew its way into your 88 Films collection!

Released in 1991, THE BONE YARD is a certified cult classic of the VHS era that mixes the bad taste splatter humour of such classics as THE EVIL DEAD and RE-ANIMATOR with enough corpse-shambling thrills and ghoulish chills to make for an essential late night watch.

Telling of a living dead outbreak in a coroner's office, THE BONE YARD is a claustrophobic love letter to George A. Romero that inotrduces some original ideas to the well-worn meat-munching trope. With a cast that includes television legend Phyllis Diller and B-movie veteran Ed Nelson (A BUCKET OF BLOOD) and with ertswhile makeup effects genius James Cummins (THE THING) as director - this is one low budget bout of blood-splattered brilliance that more than deserves its HD premiere from 88 Films!!

Starring: Ed Nelson, Deborah Rose, Norman Fell

Directed by: James Cummins


New HD Restoration from the Original Negative

Uncompressed LPCM Stereo Soundtrack

Optional English Subtitles

Audio Commentary with Director James Cummins and Producer Richard F. Brophy

Interview with Actress Phyliss Diller

Interview with Director James Cummins

Interview with Producer Richard F. Brophy

Reversible Sleeve with Alternate Comedy Artwork