The Blob (1988) USED

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The Blob is back in this horrific tale about a vile, malignant life-form that crashes to Earth in a cozy, rural American town called Arborville. Untroubled by conscience or intellect, the Blob does only one thing – and it does it well. It eats anything and everything that moves: men, women, and children. And tonight it wants to swallow the town of Arborville. The original version of The Blob thrilled and terrified audiences back in the 1950s. Now the oozing, gooey killer is back with a whole new high-tech look. What was once only suggested now comes to life with state-of-the-art special effects in the tradition of such thrilling remakes as The Thing and The Fly.

NEW Audio Commentary With Director Chuck Russell, Special Effects Artist Tony Gardner, And Cinematographer Mark Irwin, Moderated By Filmmaker Joe Lynch

NEW Audio Commentary With Actress Shawnee Smith

NEW It Fell From The Sky! – An Interview With Director Chuck Russell

NEW We Have Work To Do – An Interview With Actor Jeffrey DeMunn

NEW Minding The Diner – An Interview With Actress Candy Clark

NEW They Call Me Mellow Purple – An Interview With Actor Donovan Leitch Jr.

NEW Try To Scream! – An Interview With Actor Bill Moseley

NEW Shot Him! – An Interview With Cinematographer Mark Irwin

NEW The Incredible Melting Man – An Interview With Special Effects Artist Tony Gardner

NEW Monster Math – An Interview With Special Effects Supervisor Christopher Gilman

NEW Haddonfield To Arborville – An Interview With Production Designer Craig Stearns

NEW The Secret Of The Ooze – An Interview With Mechanical Designer Mark Setrakian

NEW I Want That Organism Alive! – An Interview With Blob Mechanic Peter Abrahamson

NEW Gardner’s Grue Crew – Behind-The-Scenes Footage Of Tony Gardner And His Team

Audio Commentary With Director Chuck Russell, Moderated By Film Producer Ryan Turek

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