The Beast that Killed Women USED DVD

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Go ahead. Ask the average nudist what they fear most about life in the raw and it's the same answer every time: gorillas.
      DELORES CARLOS can't get an even tan so she and hubby BYRON MABE scoot off to the local nudist camp. There, everyone smiles, plays shuffleboard, coyly covers their privates, and talks like they're on prescription drugs. At just about the point when you can't stand anymore sunshine and tranquility, a rampaging gorilla (!) appears out of nowhere. After an evening campfire, The Beast That Killed Women galumphs through the camp, leaps into a straw hut, and carries off a screaming gal whom he promptly clobbers to death.
      The nudists are shocked: 'She said he was big and hairy!' The hardened police even rudely march through a nude volleyball game with the poor girl's corpse on a stretcher. 'It must be some sex maniac!' the nudists fear. Next night, after a rousing topless square dance, the the titular beast again attacks, this time targetting Byron which causes Delores to run around screaming, 'The thing has got him! The monster! The giant monster!'
      The cops finally use a shapely policewoman to act as ape bait in an attempt to capture the beast. But because the big monkey is so hilariously phony-looking, you keep expecting someone to yank off its head and reveal it to be a guy in a rotten suit who's just pretending to be a gorilla because he's out of his mind or wanted to ogle some gals or whatever. But no, nope, no way. It's a 'real' gorilla alright and the film is almost over before someone questions the obvious: what the hell is a gorilla doing running around Miami? The answer: some rich dame in a big estate had him hidden in her garage. Swear to God.
      Another fun, brain-dead El Cheapo from BARRY 'Mr. Minimalist' MAHON and featuring a cast of sexploitation all-stars like DARLENE BENNETT, GIGI DARLENE, JUNE ROBERTS, ROY SAVAGE, and SANDRA SINCLAIR (the gal who gets her leg cut off in Blood Feast). Byron Mabe, of course, eventually left Miami for L.A. where he starred in Dave Friedman's The Defilers (1965) before directing films for Dave like She Freak (1967), Head Mistress (1968), Space Thing (1968), and The Adult Version of Jekyll & Hide (1971). Miss Carlos, a veteran of numerous Florida nudies, got to play a victim again in both Mundo Depravados (1967) and Herschell Gordon Lewis' A Taste of Blood (1967). The post office should put them both on stamps.