Reigo, Raiga, Ohga: Giant Monsters Attack

Type: New Blu-Ray

Reigo: King of the Sea Monsters - The battleship Yamato, the largest and strongest of its time, is on patrol when it comes upon the massive kaiju, Reigo. The monster destroys the escort ships and damages the Yamato before returning to the ocean depths. Now the stage is set for a final battle - who will prevail? Raiga: God of the Monsters - Global warming leads to excessive melting of the southern polar ice cap, disrupting Earth's ecosystem. The receding ice brings a long dormant ancient kaiju named Raiga that sets its sights on Japan. Can Raiga be stopped, or will all of Japan be destroyed by his fury? God Raiga vs King Ohga - Raiga returns, rising in Atami Harbor and attacking the city. A second kaiju, Ohga, soon joins the chaos, and the two monsters clash. As the beasts work their way to Tokyo, will Japan's armed forces be enough to stop the monsters from laying waste to the city?


Bonus Materials

  • Trailers
  • SRS Trailers
  • 3 Full Length Motion Pictures