Southerners & Saurians: Swamp Monsters, Lizard Men, and Other Curious Creatures of the Old South

Type: Books

John LeMay

Paperback, 204 pages

The swamps of the South may look serene, but beneath their placid surfaces hides a multitude of horrific nightmares including colossal crocodiles, monster frogs, snakes of interminable lengths, and even giant leeches. Like the previous two books in this series, this new volume examines not only the usual prehistoric survivors like plesiosaurs and pterodactyls but also humanoid terrors such as lizardmen, gillmen, and frogmen. After reading this book you’ll ask yourself: Was the Dingocroc a prehistoric survivor or an alien from outer space? Did the White River Monster aid the Union Army by overturning Confederate gunboats during the Civil War? Was the Alligator Man seen in 1892 the ancestor of the Lizard Man seen in Scape Ore Swamp in 1988? Was a 22 foot alligator actually a prehistoric Deinosuchus? What about the giant leech seen by the Cherokee tribe in North Carolina? Was it an ancient Bristle Worm, a Giant Amazon Leech that went too far north, or just the product of folklore? And finally, just what was the Wog of Winder, Georgia, said to emerge from the Nodoroc mud volcano that the Creek Native American tribe claimed was the gateway to Hell itself…