Smut Without Smut: Things to Come & The Dirty Dolls w/SLIP

Type: New Blu-Ray

The American Genre Film Archive (AGFA) represents the world's largest theatrical catalog of exploitation cinema. Their home video line presents a diverse selection of movies, ranging from new preservations of classics from the vast library of Something Weird to the wildest in shot-on-video (SOV) titles. Vinegar Syndrome’s sister company, OCN Distribution, is thrilled to be representing this diverse and unique home video line!


Beneath the dumpsters of America, a netherworld of “adults only” genre movies lurks in the gutters. But what if these movies were less about the smut and more about everything else? “Smut Without Smut” is X-rated genre movies with the X-rated bits removed. In other words, your perception of reality will never be the same again.


A future dystopia dream-epic shot in San Antonio, THINGS TO COME finds Julie leaving her marriage to investigate a mysterious sci-fi cult on behalf of frustrated women everywhere. With a soundtrack that feels like it was cribbed from A CLOCKWORK ORANGE, ambitious sets that look like leftovers from STAR TREK, and no lack of robots, computers, and bloody violence, THINGS TO COME is a truly unique Texploitation headtrip.


Coasting on the fumes of the Manson murders, THE DIRTY DOLLS follows psychopath Johnny and his cultish gang of women as they embark on a bizarro crime spree filled with stolen diamonds, senior citizen drag, grimy sex, and cold-blooded murder. Directed by Stu Segall (DRIVE-IN MASSACRE) under his adult-movie nom de plume “Godfrey Daniels,” this is a sleazy summer-bummer from the wilds of California.


Directed by: Derek Todd, Stu Segall

Starring: Barbara Fisk, George 'Buck' Flower, Colleen Brennan, Cyndee Summers

1976 / 95 min / 1.85:1 / English


• Region Free Blu-ray

• New 2K preservations from the only known 35mm prints in existence

• “Smut Without Smut” and uncut versions included

• Commentary track on THINGS TO COME (“Smut Without Smut” version) with the AGFA team

• English captions